In addition to planning and inspection tasks in the field of civil engineering, a very important part of our work is the analysis and evaluation of components without abZ/ETA, deviations from the standards, planning and execution errors and component damage with regard to the load capacity, serviceability and durability as well as static or building physics effects.

This includes the following services:

  • Examination / assessment / evaluation of the strength and stability, serviceability and durability of existing steel and composite structures
  • Evaluation of discontinuities due to manufacturing (influence on the load capacity, lifecycle)
  • Investigation and evaluation of damages (causation, effect on the load capacity, lifecycle)
  • Development of rehabilitation strategies
  • Expertise regarding effects on static or building physics
  • Expertise for component parts without abZ/ETA in the context of an specific approval on an individual basis or a technical approval
  • Evaluation of procedure specifications according DASt-Richtlinie 022
  • Fracture mechanic analyses to evaluate the brittle fracture behaviour according to DASt-Richtlinie 009 or EN 1993-1-10
  • Implementation of LNT-tests according to Annex 4 of the DASt-Richtlinie 022

The knowledge gained is steadily incorporated in the other areas of our activities and thus lead to an improvement of our quality and efficiency.

For the analysis of component and material samples for material characterization and damage diagnostics the facilities of various institutes of the RWTH Aachen are available. In addition, to perform component tests the experimental facilities of our cooperation partner (Institute of Steel and Light Weight Constructions at RWTH Aachen) are used or measurements are performed locally on site.