The design of software is not only writing codes. As a competent engineering company, we assist our clients in this field, beginning with the idea up to the application of the finished product.

The software life cycle consists of three  phases:

  • Design
  • Build
  • Run

In the design of the software the creation of an exact and detailed specification is the most important step. In the phase of the implementation automated software tests are standard tasks  and have to be included in the actual programming for each release in order to compare with benchmark examples. Modular structures and the integration of proven basic modules guarantee reliable and maintainable results. The close cooperation with the users allows a practical implementation.

In addition to our software, which we offer as finished products for sale, we develop structural engineering software that is fully adapted to the special requirements of the customers.

Your advantage: your software is developed by a team of competent and experienced engineers and IT specialists.

Contact: Dr. Klaus Weynand, Ralf Oerder