Our services:

  • Performance of component tests for determining the load capacities of construction products / construction types, connections, total constructions
  • Support in procedures for technical approvals (abZ, ETA)
  • Support in procedures for technical test certificates (abP)
  • Evaluation for components regarding impact resistance / protection against falling according to ETB guide lines, TRAV and DIN EN 12600 (pendulum impact tests)
  • Evaluation of the accessibility of overhead glazing on the basis of GS-Bau 18 and DIBt Bulletin 1/2010 (residual load capacity tests / torpedo drop tests)
  • Determination of bending strength acc. to DIN EN 1288 (double ring bending test, four edge procedure)


  • Hydraulic test cylinders up to 1000 kN test load
  • Modern measurement technology for strain and displacement measurements
  • Climate chamber for component tests with temperature influence
  • Fully equipped workshop with machining and welding facilities

Contact: Michael Schröder