Today modern building envelopes affect the face of every big and modern city. Architecture, comfort and safety require high demands on these high-tech glass façades. Depending on the cooling or heating requirements, on the need for artificial lighting or daylighting mullion and transom façades as well as curtain facades, double skin facades or facades of adhesive bonded structural glazing are used.

Feldmann + Weynand provides you with:

  • Façade Planning
  • Structural Design
  • Expertise regarding damage diagnosis, heat balances, comfort analyses and building physics

For structures without approval we support you:  

  • in the context of an approval on an individual basis (ZiE)
  • in the context of a technical approval like abZ or for an european technical assessment (ETA)
  • in the context of a general approval (abP).

Structural glazing

The material glass is an essential part of modern architecture. Due to technological developments in the structural glass design the range of application extends from the simple classic window pane to a fully sustainable component as a substitute for massive columns and walls.

Feldmann + Weynand develops solutions for:

  • Accident-proof glazing (pendulum shock tests)
  • Walkable Glazimg
  • Overhead glazing
  • Glass balustrades
  • Glass substrades and a lot more.

Contact: Eric Busse