Engineering structures are structures where rather the engineer than the architect is governing the layout.

A large part of engineering structures are made of steel. These are for example crane girders, sheet piling, components of power plants, noise barriers, etc.

In addition to the design of sophisticated engineering structures the maintenance planning and the planning of static and structural reinforcement of existing structures are integrated in the portfolio of our business activities. Due to quality assurance and the application of effective diagnostic techniques and procedures the serviceability of structures can be restored and their design life can be extended.

Bridge structures play an important role in the infrastructure of any economy and ensure mobility and fast freight traffic. The holistic design of bridges and the repair of old bridge structures regarding function, structural and aesthetic design and detailing, durability and cost-effectiveness with a view to the requirements of future traffic flows is a complex and responsible task and therefore presents a special challenge for the civil engineer.

For the proof engineering service of bridge structures Prof. Markus Feldmann as proof engineer for structural design with special focus to metal structures and his team with their professional skills and experience are available.

In addition to planning and inspection tasks in the field of bridges the analysis and evaluation of products without abZ/ETA, deviations from standard specifications, planning and execution errors and damages in terms of their influence on load capacity, serviceability and durability is an important part of our work.

Contact: Dr. Christian Müller, Dirk Schäfer