We are performing extensive wind tunnel tests in the wind tunnel of our Co-operation partner, the Institute of Steel and Light Weight Constructions at RWTH Aachen.

Apart from the conventional experiments in the wind tunnel, we use simulation tools (CFD = Computational Fluid Dynamics) to represent the wind on site realistically. OpenFOAM CFD models (LES, RANS) and PHOENICS (RANS) are used for simulation of flows.

In addition to such complex wind tunnel studies, we also offer project-based wind expert reports, where safe design load assumptions and/or comfort criteria based on international standards, literature and comparable experiments are given.

For the determination of appropriate climatic input variables, we use meteorological data from various reference stations. As a result, optimized and site specific values for wind and snow loads, or their combination can be indicated.

In the context of expertise we perform measurements on site using our own modern equipment e.g. ultrasonic anemometers, accelerometer and more.